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Grow Irrigation is a specialist in Static Set (Fixed Grid) irrigation systems for farming.


Grow Irrigation

Grow Irrigation is a specialist in Static Set (Fixed Grid) Irrigation systems for farming. Our purpose is to help you succeed financially by increasing the productivity of your farm and unlocking value in your property. Every irrigation system design that we deliver targets maximum efficiency and includes high quality, leading edge product technology and componentry. Grow is based in Central Otago and provides services all over the South Island.



Grow will work closely with you to understand your objectives, expectations and budget.




Grow use the latest Irricad Design Software to design the Irrigation System that is right for your property.




We deliver competitive pricing on pipe fittings and related products, on projects big or small.


Why Grow?

Grow systems can be installed on any landscape and do not require expensive earthworks, land modifications or removal of hedge wind breaks or fences.

Grow systems have wide post spacing to avoid issues with spraying or cultivation.

Grow systems are competitively priced and can be complete in stages as time and/or finances allow.

Each post is individually controlled to allow variance in application based on soil types. If water supply allocations allow, all irrigation can be applied at night, avoiding evaporation, reducing or eliminating any wind impact and taking advantage of off-peak energy costs.

Applications can be broken in to multiple starts per main cycle, avoiding run-off or erosion on steep country.

Grow systems have limited on-going mechanical maintenance and require very little labour input.

Grow systems can be installed by you to help manage costs or alternatively installed by our experience contractor to save time.

Finally, your Grow team is friendly, professional and 100% focused on designing and delivering the optimal irrigation system that is right for your circumstances and your property.

Are you ready to grow?